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We are now using the SoundCloud platform on our Main Voice Directory. This is to give you maximum exposure, as your demos in the Main Voice Directory now have several options for connecting to your profiles, website(s), unlimited audio demos and information about you and your services.

Those of you who already use SoundCloud will see some of your demos already uploaded; If yours is not, or you want to change them, please contact us: demos@allstarvoices.com.

If you currently do not (or plan to) use SoundCloud, that is no problem; Just send your demos in mp3 format to demos@allstarvoices.com and they will be posted and linked from the Main Voice Directory (Featured/Premium Members only).


Please Note: Some member profiles and audio demos are still being "migrated" from the old platform; All will be complete this week (Dec. 17-21, 2018)- Depending on which borwser you use, some of the pages may still look disarranged at the moment...

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